My poetry, lyrics, and books can now be
found at my
Feedbooks page,
downloadable in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle


However, here are some PDF's of sheet
music that I have written lyrics for:

Deep in the Lowly Garden's Heart
(about forgiving)

In the Eye of the Storm
(godly peace)

God's Kingdom is Restored
(award winning text)

He Will Speak Peace
(one of my favorites)

I Covenant Lord to Follow Thee
(sacramental hymn)

I Took his Name
(baptism with a 'Negro' Spiritual flair)

I Want to Walk with Jesus

Jehovah Is My Shepherd Fair
(another Psalm 23 hymn)

Seed Called Faith
(Alma 32 with a 'Negro' Spiritual flair)

Son of a Living God
(based on some very wise words from an Apostle)

Sound the Trumpets!
(the explanation page says everything)