What I look like
on the outside
A Southern California native,
Bruce T. Forbes is an award-winning author and
hymnist. His religious short stories have been published
world-wide in children's religious magazines, and his
patriotic stories, essays, editorials, and poems have
been published throughout the U.S. military newspaper
system. He has appeared in guest editorial columns at
internet news sites in Israel on the topics of Peace and
Religious Harmony

Mr. Forbes is the father of eight children (six living)
and thrice a grandfather. He served for two years as a
missionary in Japan and has taught children's religious
classes for over twenty years. He continues to look for
new ways to teach children through story, poem, and

As a military man, he and his family have lived in
Mississippi, England, Hawaii, Illinois, Germany, Israel,
Turkey, Italy, and Washington DC. After two decades
of such wandering, however, they have settled in the
'tops of the mountains' in the western United States
and are enthusiastically sinking roots.
What I look like
on the inside...
"As a missionary and as a military man, I've traveled the world and seen a
lot of good and a lot of beauty. I have also seen a lot of ugliness. It seems all
the beauty I've seen can be attributed to a very loving God - This is what I
want to spend the rest of my life celebrating."
Okay ...
So I spend too much time at the computer...
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