Chronicles of Narnia


I didn't discover the world of Narnia until I was about 45 years old.
It has become my favorite set of books.
So much so that I have written some fan fiction, which is all posted at my Feedbooks page.

Day Trips to Narnia
A series of short stories based on Narnia characters and situations

From Boy to Man and Back Again
Book One of my Narnia novels takes place as the Hundred-Year Winter begins,
and we learn how the humans in Naria fell to the point that the White Witch could take over.

Horse Boy of Narnia
Book Two take place during the reign of the young Kings and Queens of Narnia following the
Hundred-Year Winter. We follow a young boy named Charlie, who comes from an abusive home and
is brought to Narnia to learn Strength, Courage, and Forgiveness.

Camilla: Warrior of Narnia
Book Three takes place during the time of Princess SwanWhite.
Camilla is a young girl who needs to learn courage - and how to be a courageous girl.

Second Chance
Book Four takes place during the reign of Queen SwanWhite and is a heartfelt tribute to my fellow
military brothers and sisters, especially those dealing with lifetime wounds - whether seen or unseen.
There are some adult-level topics discussed and taking place.

The Last Sea
Book Five (and the final volume) is not done yet. It begins three years after the end of the last book
and is the story of one man overcoming tragedy.
It also tells us how the people in the Last Sea came to be.


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