The Gospel Vision of the Arts ... President Spencer W. Kimball, BYU, 1967
Inspiring Music - Worthy Thoughts  ... January 1974 ENSIGN Magazine article Elder Boyd K.
Guidelines for Writing Latter-day Hymns - April 1973 ENSIGN article by Alexander Schreiner,
Tabernacle Organist & Church Music Committee member. Official church guidelines have changed
and we have a new hymnal, but the spirit of the subject rings true.
The Arts and the Spirit of the Lord ... 1976 BYU speech by Elder Boyd K. Packer
The New Hymnbook and Latter-day Hymnbooks ... two September 1985 ENSIGN articles when
the 1985 LDS Hymnal was published
"LDS Hymns - Worshiping With Song" ... Elder Franklin D. Richards in the October 1982 LDS
General Conference
A Closer Look at Popular Music ... March 1985 ENSIGN Magazine article by Lex de Azevedo,
Latter-day Saint composer of popular and classical music
The Language of Prayer ... Elder Dallin H. Oaks in the April 1993 General Conference; this 'prayer
language' holds true to hymns that address Deity.
Worship Through Music ... Elder Dallin H. Oaks in the Oct 1994 General Conference
Learning and Singing Hymns - August 1994 ENSIGN magazine conversation with Church Music
Committee Chairman Michael F. Moody; have to scroll down about three-quarters of the file
Filling the World with Goodness and Truth ... 1996 Ensign Magazine article by Elder M. Russell
Choose your Words: Seven Habits of Highly Successful Hymn Writers ... September NEW ERA
article by Karen Lynn Davidson, respected hymnist and hymn historian
Why are we encouraged to limit our musical selections for Sacrament Meetings to hymns or other
hymnlike selections? ... September 1999 ENSIGN Magazine conversation with Daniel Carter, LDS
Music Committee
The Power of Hymns ... August 1998 BYU speech by Elder Merrill J. Bateman
The Nourishing Power of Hymns ... April 2007 ENSIGN article Elder Jay E. Jensen
Power in the Hymns to Praise the Lord ... December 29, 2007 Church news article by W. Herbert
Klopfer, former member of the LDS Church music committee
The Power of Simple Music ... Janice Kapp Perry
Worship Though the Hymns ... March 2008 ENSING Magazine article
Power and Protection Provided by Worthy Music ... Elder Russell M. Nelson; CES Fireside, May 4,

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Use of 'King James English' in Hymns and Prayers ... it's easier than you think!
"Music to Calm the Beasts of Depression, Grief, and Trauma" ; "Power in the Hymns"; "What I
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