Essays on Gospel Subjects

These are not in any way official statements by my church. These are simply essays or addresses I
have given at various times, based on my understanding of the Gospel.
If you would like to read official church statements, visit the

Thank you, Mister Fearing
Mister Fearing is my favorite character in the immortal PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. Why?
Because no matter how frightened or shy he was, he never gave up; he never went back.

Faith, Grace, and Works
Which one of these are you saved by? Or does it take all three?

Faith, Hope, and Charity
How one leads to the next and how they work together

Obedience, Justification, and Sanctification
How one leads to the next and how they work together

What Is the House of Israel?
a primer that is very much from a Christian - Latter-day Saint view

Easter 2012 Easter Address
I was asked to speak in our worship services on Easter Day, 2012.
As Easter and Passover were lined up that year the same as in the day that the sacred events
happened, I used that as the basis of my address.

Father's Day Address
I was asked to speak in a Father's Day service; sometime in the late 1980's or early 90's.

The LDS View of the Priesthood: Definitions and Explanations
I have been a bearer of the priesthood for more years than I care to admit. In all these many years,
there have been many words and phrases that all priesthood bearers get a feel for, but they are never
completely defined.

The Father as a Patriarch in the Home
Let's understand what the words Husband, Preside, and Steward mean.

How to Be the Boss of All Around You
Everyone has the need to be in charge, and they are going to do it, no matter what.
Here's how to be the boss of all you survey according to the Gospel of Christ.

To the Wife of the Grieving, Depressed, or Traumatized Man
In 2007 I wrote a series of articles for an on-line magazine about men and depression, which became
the genesis of my book "
Men and Depression: One Mans' Journey." Through the years I have given
mental health professionals permission to use and reprint them, but none of them would touch the
final article, stating they didn't want to make 'the Ladies' angry. Here's that final article, and if the
Ladies get angry, then they're telling us what kind of Ladies they are.

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