The Book of Mormon:
Another Testament of Jesus Christ

What is the Book of Mormon?
Here is a very good explanation at
Read the book's
Introduction and a Brief Explanation of its contents (takes you to
You can read The Book of Mormon
You can even
download a free copy.
And, if you are not a member of my church, you can even order a
free book.

What Does the word 'Mormon' Mean?
What is the Relationship Between the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon?

Bible & Book of Mormon Chronology
From the Creation to the end of the two Sacred Volumes

These seven Book of Mormon handouts are some of the older of the handouts I have made.
They were made when I was first learning how to use a computer.
I will be reformatting them in the future.
Meanwhile, used and enjoy them.

Book of Mormon Editions
Book of Mormon Chronology
Book of Mormon Peoples
Book of Mormon Prophets
Book of Mormon Records
Book of Mormon Recordkeepers
Book of Mormon Discourses

Book of Mormon Dictionary
by Elder George Reynolds, 1891 (is in the Public Domain)

NEW!!! What Parts of Today's Old Testament could the Book of Mormon Peoples Possessed?

NEW!!! How Did the Book of Mormon People Live the Law of Moses?

Lehi's Dream / Nephi's Interpretation

Alma's Conversion

Alma's Questions
Alma Chapter Five is made up mostly of questions to stir the people up to thinking and considering
their ways. It is a most remarkable discourse.

The Ten Commandments
Exodus, Deuteronomy, and the Book of Mormon renditions harmonized,
with supporting passages from other scriptures

Sermon on the Mount
a harmony of the King James Version, Joseph Smith's Translation,
and the version the Resurrected Savior gave to the Book of Mormon peoples

Gifts of the Spirit
a harmony of similar listings in the Bible, Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants

Turning the Hearts of the Fathers and the Children
This passages is quoted several times in Latter-day Saint scriptures and even explained

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