The Holy Bible

Joseph Smith's INSPIRED VERSION of the BIBLE

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personal account?
If you didn't, please do so now so you will understand why I refer to him as a prophet.

After Joseph Smith completed translating and publishing the record that became known as the Book
of Mormon, the Lord instructed him to take hold of the Holy Bible and to make corrections according
to the inspiration he was receiving as a Prophet. Historical evidence points to the belief that he never
completed it to his own satisfaction, because every time he was ready to publish he pulled the project
back and began receiving further inspiration. It was published after his death by the Reorganized
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (now called the Community of Christ) and called the
Inspired Version. The LDS Edition of the King James Bible includes many of the retranslations
Joseph Smith accomplished in the footnotes and in the study aides in the back of the volume.

You can read the Inspired Version
You can also read a
side-by-side comparison of the King James Version and the Inspired Version. It
only has the verses in which there is a difference.

The Pearl of Great Price

The Book of Moses

The Pearl of Great Price is a small book of scripture which contains several items:
It contains Joseph Smith's own account of the events leading to the establishment of the Church.
It also contains portions of his translation of the Bible - specifically, it contains the Joseph Smith
Translation (JST) of the first chapters of the Book of Genesis (Adam to Noah) in a section titled
the Book of Moses.
(In another section, it also contains his translation of Matthew Chapter 24.)

The Book of Abraham

While the Church was headquartered in Kirtland, Illinois, the prophet Joseph Smith obtained several
Egyptian scrolls from a traveling Mummy display, one of which he said contained writings by both
Abraham and Joseph. The scrolls were lost after his death, but fragments of one of the scrolls were
discovered in a museum in the 1960's and returned to the Church - these fragments contain portions
of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
Joseph Smith translated the portion he identified as written by Abraham,
and it is bound in the Pearl of Great Price and titled The Book of Abraham.

The Pearl of Great Price can be read

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